Heather Mead Kim, BA
Operations Director
University of Minnesota
Center for Interprofessional Health
Heather Mead Kim is the Operations Director for the Center for Interprofessional Health. In this role, Heather provides operational leadership to support collaboration, engagement, and alignment across key stakeholder groups and partner organizations, including the schools and programs that participate in the University of Minnesota's 1Health interprofessional education curriculum, the many health professions students we serve, and faculty and community-based partners. Heather plays a key role in managing the ongoing advancement and evolution of the 1Health interprofessional education curriculum and has led the development of a data management system to track 1Health participant enrollment and evaluation data to inform future growth and improvement. Additionally, Heather has a background working closely with colleagues involved in community-based education coordination and student services to problem-solve complex issues that affect multiple health professional schools and programs.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Lightning Talk Description: This Lightning Talk describes the inaugural year of an interprofessional education (IPE) workforce development program organized by the Center for Interprofessional Health at the University of Minnesota. This program created a symbiotic relationship between the University’s IPE Center and preceptors in academic and community clinical learning environments. This work is an example of theme 2: Practice-Education Partnerships Advancing Care with People and Communities. Not only does this activity create partnerships across education and clinical practice, it also…