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Welcome to the third day of the Nexus Summit, starting this morning with our plenary "Untying the Interprofessional Gordian Knot."

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The second day of the Summit is today! The plenary this morning will describe innovative academic-health system partnerships! Join us at the Partners Forum, Nexus Fair, and Open Mic Night later today.

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Virtual Nexus Summit 2023: Working Together for Impact

Welcome to Nexus Summit 2023! This marks the eighth year we have come together to learn about, from and with each other in the Nexus of Practice and Education as we strive to impact health and learning outcomes that matter. We look forward to hosting the dynamic dialogue with colleagues across the United States and world that are testing ideas and advancing scholarship in interprofessional practice and education.

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This year our focus is on “working together for impact,” which builds on the challenge given to our community by our founding director Barbara Brandt as we move into a new paradigm of Knowledge-Based Leadership (IPE Version 5.0) where the focus moves beyond standardization to developing deeper, meaningful partnerships with common goals and challenges that require teamwork and collaboration to solve.  

Nexus Summit 2023 has been designed to move us toward Knowledge-based Leadership (IPE Version 5.0), with an emphasis on action. Presenters will share:

  • Real-world examples of academic - health system partnerships transforming care and learning together. 
  • Thorny problems in our work, like the cultural divide among different professions that must be bridged to create effective teamwork.
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies may help and hinder our work. 
  • Practical strategies for working with partners to use real-world, easily accessible data that already exists in our practice and learning environments to make decisions about how we continuously improve our care and learning experiences. 
  • Lived experiences as patients or family members to provide perspective and feedback to help health teams and educators better understand what patients need and want. 

Nexus Summit 2023 is a forum for deep, rich learning opportunities - and a space for fun and community building. Explore opportunities (both new and favorites) offered this year to engage as a member of this interprofessional community in our virtual environment.