Brandt Wiskur, PhD, LMSW
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Brandt Wiskur PhD LMSW is a neuroscientist and a licensed master social worker at the OU Health Sciences Center. He is an Assistant Professor of Research in the Department of Health Sciences and Information Management, Graduate College. Recent research includes assessing the fear of COVID-19 in an academic health sciences center and on the impact of mentoring on faculty career progression. Dr. Wiskur teaches neuroscience didactics to psychiatry residents and biopsychosocial determinants of health to graduate-level social workers. He has served as Chair of the Interprofessional Research Committee.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Lightning Talk Description: Interprofessional education has gained significant attention and presents an opportunity to enhance the academy through a team-based approach. While compelling global evidence supports the theory and necessity of improved interprofessional collaboration in education, implementing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) across professions requires deliberate and strategic efforts. Faculty development initiatives have started to bridge the gap between educators who were trained separately and the teams they currently lead. Although there is a growing body of…