Movement Moves Us: Middle Eastern Dance & Posture

Monday, September 18, 2023, 1:00 pm - 1:15 pm CDT


This introduction will teach some foundation moves for Middle Eastern dance (sometimes referred to as belly dance). Movements will highlight the use of core & postural muscles as well as hip, shoulder, and spine mobility. Featured movements will be put to use in a short improv dance to upbeat Middle Eastern music.


About the Facilitator

Growing up in an American family with a Lebanese grandmother, Melissa Zarn Urankar fell in love with Middle Eastern music. She always loved music in general and dancing at parties was one of her favorite things, but she never took a class growing up. In her mid-twenties (summer of 2000) she wanted something fun for exercise and joined an adult beginners class for “Belly Dance”. Through dance, she has gained strength, flexibility, a positive body image, and even helped rehabilitate her shoulder after breaking her collarbone. In her professional role as an optometrist who works with brain injury rehabilitation, Melissa has seen tremendous gains in patient function by managing postural issues. She has also seen friends and family who have improved their health by improving their posture and core strength. Combining her love of movement and music with a more recent hobby of Pilates reformer training, Melissa has selected a few key movement and focus areas that she hope will bring you joy and help keep you moving in a healthy way!


About Movement Moves Us


This event is made possible through support from the Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (JCIPE) as a Connection Creator sponsor.


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