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Become a Sponsor of Nexus Summit 2023: Working Together for Impact

We invite you to be recognized as a thought leader on the forefront of the changing environment of interprofessional practice and education (IPE) as a sponsor of the virtual Nexus Summit 2023 conference. The Nexus Summit continues to be the leading interprofessional gathering that empowers attendees to turn what they are learning into outcomes that matter most to the communities we learn from, collaborate with, and serve. Nexus Summit 2023: Working Together for Impact marks eight years of the interprofessional practice and education community gathering, learning about, from and with each other, discussing the thorny questions and pushing for solutions that lead to action. 

The Nexus Summit 2023 Call for Abstracts and invited programming are focused on themes that reflect the National Center’s Strategic Imperatives. Learn more about the National Center’s Strategic Imperatives at our website: https://nexusipe.org/national-center-strategic-imperatives.

Nexus Summit 2023 Themes:

  • Person, Family and Community-Engaged Practice and Education

  • Practice-Education Partnerships Advancing Care with People and Communities

  • The Classroom and Beyond: Preparing Students for Collaborative Practice

  • Interprofessional Collaboration to Address Health Equity, Racism and Bias in Interprofessional Practice

  • Building the IPE Case Through Information, Evidence, and Outcomes

  • Developing and Sustaining Leadership in Interprofessional Practice and Education

Why Should You Sponsor Nexus Summit 2023?

  • Recognition of your investment in the field of interprofessional practice and education
  • Identification of your organization’s commitment to outcomes that matter most to those you serve
  • Visibility with a diverse audience of more than 500 clinicians, educators, learners, health care leaders, patients, caregivers and others committed to advancing clinical learning in practice

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

To start the conversation about sponsorship, fill out the online Nexus Summit 2023 Sponsor Interest Form or email Angela Willson, Interprofessional Continuing Education Manager at awillson@umn.edu.






Connection Creator
(3 total)


Supporter $2,500

Exhibitor $1,000
Nexus Fair Networking Room Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recognition on Summit Website Logo - Large Logo - Medium Logo - Medium Logo - Small Logo - Small Name
Complimentary Conference Registration 6 5 4 3 2 1
Shout Out on National Center’s Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Up to 3 Downloadable Promotion Elements Available on Website for 3 Months Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recognition on Pre-Plenary Slide Presentation Yes Yes Yes
Visual Recognition During Plenary Session Announcements Yes Yes
Logo in Communications Yes


Connection Creator Sponsorships

SOLD OUT! New for 2023: only three Connection Creator Sponsorships are available at $3,000, and will support events and activities throughout the virtual Summit aimed at replicating the rich interpersonal connections and networking more traditionally available during an in-person event. Sponsors are invited to co-create these activities with the National Center, or simply indicate their support through the selection of this sponsorship package.

Do you have a sponsorship or recognition idea not featured above? Contact us to start the conversation. 

Nexus Fair Networking Room (Applies to All Sponsorship Levels):

The Nexus Fair at the Nexus Summit 2023 will be an interactive, live, virtual solutions-based learning environment designed to facilitate connections with those that share a passion and commitment to improved experiences, outcomes, and costs in both healthcare and education. All sponsors are provided with access to showcase their learning resources in their Nexus Fair Networking Room. 

Nexus Fair Networking Rooms will be hosted in Zoom breakout rooms, or stations, where attendees can interact with teams and organizations just as they would during an in-person conference. The Nexus Fair is not a formal exhibit hall, but instead an interactive virtual setting ideal for sharing resources and other links, brief PowerPoint slides or handouts, and other materials to share information and cultivate new  connections. 

Every sponsorship makes a difference. Your support will help ensure critical conversations at the Nexus of practice and education continue to occur to inform and advance the field of collaborative practice and interprofessional education into the future.

Act Soon to Confirm Your Sponsorship for Nexus Summit 2023

Fill out the Nexus Summit 2023 Sponsor Interest Form and we will reach out to you, or contact us directly with an email to Angela Willson, Interprofessional Continuing Education Manager at awillson@umn.edu