Nethra Ankam, MD
Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University
Nethra S. Ankam, MD is a practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. She is also co-faculty lead of the Jefferson Health Mentors Program, a 2 year required foundational experiential interprofessional education program for 11 professions at Jefferson. In addition to interprofessional education, her interests include disability education and wellbeing.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Lightning Talk Description: This presentation describes the development of a virtual reality (VR) case scenario that engages interprofessional student teams in exploring an older adult’s (Ms. K) living environment through an Escape Room to identify the 4Ms of Age-Friendly Health Systems: What Matters, Medication, Mentation and Mobility. An additional component consists of videos illustrating interactions between Ms. K. (portrayed by a simulated patient) and her care team (actual healthcare providers) providing transitional care after a recent hospitalization. The VR case scenario is being…
The 4Ms (What Matters, Medications, Mobility, and Mentation) constitute a framework for caring for older adults advanced by the John A. Hartford Foundation and Institute for Healthcare Improvement to guide healthcare systems to become "Age-Friendly" to meet the needs of an aging population. This framework provides an opportunity to train healthcare students in principles of age-friendly care. The Jefferson Health Mentors Program is a required, experiential, interprofessional program that involves student teams from 11 professions who engage with a Health Mentor—a community dwelling adult with…