Maryjan Fiala
Patient Responder

Maryjan Fiala is a dedicated advocate for families of young children who experience recurring or extensive hospitalization. Maryjan’s youngest son was born 17 weeks premature and spent nearly 19 months inpatient between two hospital systems. At the time of his second discharge, her son was ventilator and feeding-tube dependent and required continuous monitoring and care. Maryjan is committed to using her lived experience and professional background in adult learning to enhance patient-provider interactions and parent-provider communication. When sharing her perspective as a parent, Maryjan emphasizes patient-centered care, empathetic and compassionate communication, and cultivating mutual trust. Through the adult learning lens, Maryjan offers insights into the learning journey that begins when a parent is catapulted into the realm of critical health care and the scaffolding necessary for that parent to thrive as an informed advocate and caregiver for their child with chronic illness. In addition to sharing elements of her son’s journey with local medical students and resident physicians, Maryjan has co-presented at regional and national conferences for clinical and allied health providers. She looks forward to providing detailed feedback on presentations to support patient and family engagement.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Each of us was drawn to health care for different reasons or motivations. Almost universally though, we share a common commitment to the desired end result: improving care and outcomes for the patients we serve.  Whether you come to the conversation from a practice or education lens, patients are our North Star.  In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of the patient voice as a part of the care and learning team. The perspective of patients is critical so that systems of care and learning can be designed and evaluated to truly reflect patient goals.…