James Cleveland, PhD, MSN, RN
Director Clinical Learning Lab & Simulation Center
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Dr. Cleveland is the Director for the Center for Simulation Innovation. He is a member of a national research consortium developing and verifying the congressionally funded project "MedTeams” that has since been implemented as AHRQ‘s Team STEPPS. In 1999, he become a team member of a Department of Defense initiative who published their findings (2002) on the use of high-fidelity patient simulation. He currently serves as the Director for the Center for Simulation Innovation, and continues to teach in the role as a faculty at UT Health.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Lightning Talk Description:  Background: As the US population ages, many older adults with dementia rely on family caregivers for health-related care and daily activities. Issues associated with caregiver burden in this setting are well-documented, including caregivers’ diminished quality of life and health. Strong interprofessional care is required to support family caregivers and maximize patient outcomes, and students must be prepared for this environment. Building upon the interprofessional education (IPE) literature demonstrating the effectiveness of simulation to advance…