Bianca Calderon, PharmD
Associate Dean and Interprofessional Education Coordinator
Regis University
Bianca Calderon, Pharm.D. is Associate Dean with a focus on interprofessional education and clinical simulation at Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions at Regis University and Interprofessional Education Coordinator and Associate Professor at the School of Pharmacy at Regis University. Dr. Calderon completed an interprofessional fellowship in palliative care with a focus in geriatrics. She has practiced as a clinical pharmacist on interdisciplinary teams in acute care and ambulatory care. As an educator, Dr. Calderon leads interprofessional education activities to prepare students in the health professions for collaborative practice, including nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, counseling, marriage and family therapy, occupational therapy, and osteopathic medicine. In her teaching and precepting of students and residents, Dr. Calderon incorporates social, economic, and cultural factors that can impact health outcomes. Dr. Calderon strives to improve the health of individuals, support communities through education and service, and optimize medications based on factors such as effectiveness, safety, and affordability.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Poster Description: Background: Collaboration between pharmacists and physicians occurs in various practice settings including acute care. Interprofessional education involving both pharmacy and medical students is necessary to prepare to practice collaboratively on teams, understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, and communicate effectively to enhance patient care. Pharmacy and medical students working collaboratively in a virtual interprofessional simulation has not been extensively studied. Design: This is an IRB-approved, mixed methods study evaluating qualitative and…