Annette Craven, PhD, CPA
University of Incarnate Word
Dr. Craven is an international faculty member of École des Ponts in Paris, France where she is the subject matter expert in qualitative research and dissertation/culminating experience supervisor. She is emeritus from University of the Incarnate Word where she served 20 years and was a tenured full professor of business. Dr. Craven earned her PhD in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Human Communications at University of Denver where her final dissertation was a mixed methods study in the topic of continuous program improvement in accreditation. She continued to develop her methodology skills, becoming a qualitative research methods expert.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Lightning Talk Description:  Background: As the US population ages, many older adults with dementia rely on family caregivers for health-related care and daily activities. Issues associated with caregiver burden in this setting are well-documented, including caregivers’ diminished quality of life and health. Strong interprofessional care is required to support family caregivers and maximize patient outcomes, and students must be prepared for this environment. Building upon the interprofessional education (IPE) literature demonstrating the effectiveness of simulation to advance…