Allessandra Bennett Lowery, DDS
Assistant Professor
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adams School of Dentistry
Allessandra M. Bennett Lowery, DDS, is a Clinical Assistant Professor UNC Adams School of Dentistry’s Division of Comprehensive Oral Health. Dr. Lowery is a general dentist who works with dental predoctoral students delivering preclinical, didactic and clinical education. She works with predoctoral students to refine their diagnostic, critical thinking and technical skills to better prepare them for private practice. She serves as the Individualization Team Lead within the ACT Curriculum. She has served as the Interim Director of the Dentists in Service to Communities Program while at UNC-ASOD.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Poster Description: Evaluations of interprofessional competencies of students in didactic activities often use self-assessment measurements or focus on the whole team rather than individual abilities. Methods to measure interprofessional competencies using objective observers that evaluate individual students are lacking. This study tested a newly-developed evaluation tool called IPEC-Competency Assessment Tool for Individual Students (I-CATIS) used by trained third party observers to evaluate pharmacy, dental, and dental hygiene students collaborating on a patient case for a didactic…